CV submission
INSTRUCTIONS CV submission to deltatre is done in 4 steps, where you're asked to type in some personal data, along with an optional passport photo in JPG format (see below). It is recommended to carefully read these instructions before proceeding, and to be very careful and accurate while filling the requested data. All the mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Filling also non-mandatory fields is appreciated. Accuracy and completeness of the typed data may speed up the evaluation of your CV and position. Step 1 Main info about the candidate (your name, surname, date of birth, nationality, etc.) are requested, along with the job vacancy you are interested in or, alternatively (if your application is not directly linked to a current job vacancy), the competency area you are interested in. Step 2 This step is for contact and anagraphical data (your address, phone and mobile numbers, email address), useful for re-contacting you during the selection process. Step 3 This step is for the CV upload and, optionally, for the passport photo upload. Requirements for the CV file: - only Word (.DOC, .DOCX) and PDF files are allowed - in the need of submitting more files (e.g. presentation letter + CV itself) the submission of a ZIP file is allowed (but not recommended) - the maximum size for the uploaded file is 500Kb Requirements for the passport photo file: - the picture has to depict a front close-up of your face - JPG is the only allowed format - a 120x160 image (120 pixel width and 160 pixel height) is preferred - the maximum size for the passport photo file is 100Kb Step 4 You are asked for an explicit consent to the personal data processing by deltatre, according to the applicable law. Only upon this explicit consent, you are allowed to submit to deltatre all the data collected in the preceding steps.